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Hk1 box problem


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Always waiting at red and blue lights.  Nothing moves.  The device does not turn on.


How can I animate this device? Which path should we follow? Please help.


 how can i restore the device

 Can you help me please :(((

I don't know much, I'm new I'm joining you for the first time


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  • levent77 changed the title to Hk1 box problem

Help Armbian team helping you

You need to provide information on what you are trying to do, what steps you have done, and what issues you are having.

Have you read the FAQ items:




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@Sameer9793 for context this is something balbes150 posted in a different thread this morning:


"AML = shit. These chips are designed exclusively for Android. . Running Linux =  constant problem. Therefore, I refuse to work with these chips."


And this is after balbes spent about 4 years of his time working with amlogic CPUs.  He has moved on to supporting other CPUs and has no interest in helping with amlogic CPUs/tv boxes.

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@Sameer9793 I have a few amlogic boxes so I do have an interest, but limited technical knowhow at the moment, which is why I help out as a forum moderator.  I can answer some basic questions and perhaps provide you some guidance.  But this conversation really has nothing to do with this topic, so please open a new thread if you have some questions to ask.

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