Does armbian applied overlays-00-add-oc-opp-rk3399.patch by default in NanoPi r4s?



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Hi all, I'm new to armbian, I have a nanopi r4s SBC, and I want to know that if armbian nanopi r4s enabled(applied) `overlays-00-add-oc-opp-rk3399.patch` by default?




I really need this patch to bootst up performance, otherwise I have to build armbian by myself.

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On 10/13/2021 at 2:59 AM, Werner said:

OC is not enabled by default but you can simply enable is via armbian-config.

I've check the DT, the overclock patch hasn't applied to the kernel DT. it using the default clock, and in armbian-config, the maximum clock speed allowable is 1.8GHz.



        opp07 {
            opp-hz = <0x00 0x6b49d200>;
            opp-microvolt = <0x124f80>;

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