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[Invalid] - tv box with wifi chipset sv6152p driver ssv6x5x


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I have a tv box (mxq pro 4k 5g with rk3228a chipset). The wifi chipset is sv6152p.

The armbian image "Armbian_21.08.1_Rk322x-box_buster_legacy_4.4.194_xfce_desktop.img.xz" works on it with the wifi driver ssv6x5x.


I want to use librelec on it. When i install unofficial libreelec for rk3229/rk3228 box (kernel 4.4.194) the wifi don't works. The driver for ssv6051 is loading at startup but wifi don't works.


Can somebody say to me how to compile ssv6x5x for libreelec.

I don't know how to cross compile it.


which source do i use :








How to proceed.


Thank's a lot.


Bests regards.

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  • eric971 changed the title to tv box with wifi chipset sv6152p driver ssv6x5x

Check forum guidelines to use maximum potential!

Your issue report is not a valid bug report per the Armbian bug reporting instructions (https://www.armbian.com/bugs).  With limited resources the Armbian project is only able to spend time on issues where all the requested information has been provided and for only the boards/images/software that are supported.  Your report is invalid for one or more of the following reasons (non-exhaustive list):


  • it is for an unsupported board or image (CSC/EOS/WIP/edge)
  • it is for software that is not supported (such as userspace modules installed on top of the core operating system)
  • it has been logged in the wrong forum (for example requests for help that are not actual bug reports)
  • it lacks requested data (armbianmonitor output)
  • it could have been easily solved by a quick search and/or reading documentation


Please review what you have submitted and the bug logging instructions (https://www.armbian.com/bugs) and either add the required information or open a new topic in the correct forum (such as Common issues / peer to peer technical support or General chit chat)

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