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5v 2.5amp available inside the Helios64...?



Kia ora.


I am aware that the external USB ports on the Helios are able to deliver up to 900mA per port. I am wondering whether it is possible to find a power source inside the Helios64 that would be able to deliver, say, 2.5A at 5v? Maybe somewhere quite soon after the 12v power in...?





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5v - 12v At your peril !  https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/sata/#j8-pinout

12v Maybe you can possibly bridged the input power to J16 https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/hardware/#connector-interface-list

3v - 5v but not 2.5a https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/ gpio /# pinout


Helios64 is not intended for this. the best would be to make a space size of your power cable on back cover of the case and plug it into a power source provided for this purpose.

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