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Issue with SD Card after kernel upgrade / linux-image-current-meson64:arm64 21.08.1->21.08.6





please ignore my username, it's quite old. System is an odroid n2+.


After updating the system (apt dist-upgrade) and updating linux-image-current-meson64:arm64 21.08.1 to 21.08.6, my sd card could not be mount anymore.  New firmware was: linux-image-current-meson64=21.08.6   /   5.10.81-meson64

System runs from emmc. The 256gb sd card is used for more internal storage.


Kernel message: mmc0: error -84 whilst initialising SD card - repeated every few seconds.


Downgrade back to linux-image-current-meson64=21.08.01   / 5.10.??-meson64 (did not remember minor version while changing kernel in armbian-config):  works again as expected! :)


After some digging and comments about sd card size, voltage, ..., i also found this: 

https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/3154 and the comment there:      "remove the UHS-enabling patch, to avoid 1.8v vs 3.3v mess. Make sure to use only A1-rated SD cards as recommended."


SD card is this one, labeled as A1: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07H9FVB6M 

Works gread and flawless with previous kernel since some months.


As I don't see this as a feature, is it a bug? If reported, any chance for a fix in a next firmware/kernel,.?





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Hello, I guess you've updated the Kernel but not the bootloader? 

The PR you mention is for Kernel, but there is a related u-boot PR that goes hand in hand.

Tread carefully, this is all being done without any support from HardKernel and things may break.

Suggestion is to try a nightly build on a separate SD card, that will have matching bootloader and kernel, and determine if that works OK before updating your running system.



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Hi rpadini, 


well I just did a apt dist-upgrade - don't know if uboot was updated. I also don't know how to update the uboot for the n2, esp. how to get a related u boot version, can you support me?

I have a spare emmc which i could my live emmc could be mirrored to for a test.. :) 

KR & thanks!

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@rpardini I got some time to care about this. I found the "u-boot update" is now available. It wasn't in december, quite sure. Because after the bad update I reverted and set the dtb-current and image-current to hold, and only these 2, to not have this issue again. But I don't think it's a solution to hold back kerne lupdate.


So today the u-boot was updated also, as I use an emmc for booting and running, the sd card is used for data. So I got an image of the emmc and updated all packages.


Result: sd card won't be detected with error "Kernel message: mmc0: error -84 whilst initialising SD card - repeated every few seconds." with newest kernel and uboot - it does not work.


The 21.08.6/21.08.8, versions fail, but the 21.08.1 versions are fine of these packages

linux-dtb-current-meson64/buster 21.08.6 arm64 [aktualisierbar von: 21.08.1]
linux-image-current-meson64/buster 21.08.6 arm64 [aktualisierbar von: 21.08.1]
linux-u-boot-odroidn2-current/buster 21.08.8 arm64 [aktualisierbar von: 21.08.1]

So I think this is a bug. The sd card is an A1 card. Any help?


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sorry, no. I can't really say or fix anything about 21.08.x at this time. It's just too old of a codebase, and using vendor uboot, so with no future.

Personally I boot the N2+ from SPI to USB3 pendrive (not cabled!) and have decent experience with 22.02, but can't say much about the eMMC + SD combo. 

22.02 includes mainline uboot and kernel fixes for N2 which are essential to any sanity, but might still have some rough edges. Try the RC's!

If you had working 21.08 at any point you're just lucky: I never had a stable N2 on 21.08, literally problems everywhere.

Good luck!


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Am 15.2.2022 um 01:14 schrieb rpardini:

sorry, no. I can't really say or fix anything about 21.08.x at this time....


Hi, ok, what a pity. But I have no clue how to update the system to a RC, what would be the only way for now, no time for a setup starting at zero. Or is there a possibility to upgrade from a running 21.08..?

With 21.08, I have a rock solid and stable system - no problems at all.

I'll try another SD Card after cloning the emmc and updating to the newest 21.08 kernel/uboot, as soon as there is some spare time...


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