No desktop after installing from armbian-config



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I have been trying to install the desktop environment with armbian-config System/ Default : Install desktop with browser and extras and nothing happens. Does anyone have an idea of the problem.

Orangepi Zero Plus2-h3     /         Armbian-22.02.2_orangepizeroplus2-h3_jammy_edge_5.16.12.img.xz


After reboot returns back to CLI


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Providing logs with 

armbianmonitor -u

 helps with troubleshooting and significantly raises chances that issue gets addressed.


Also armbian-config did not receive much love within the last few month for once lack of resources and also as it is under major rewrite.

Basically what it does is to run a couple of commands and adjust a few config files which all can be done by hand as well. Just check the source code here:



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