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Rotate ArmBian logo in startup splash screen

José Santos

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Hi All!


Can anyone help me about rotate de ArmBian logo in startup splash screen?


I am working with LCD Display and I want change the logo rotation to portrait mode.

Orange Pi PC and Armbian_22.05.1_Orangepipc_focal_current_5.15.43_xfce_desktop.img.xz.

Display - 7" HDMI Display 1024 x 600



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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

Hello Jose,


While I don't have a direct answer for you, maybe I can get you going in the right direction.


I believe the following forum post documents a good portion of what you are wanting to do: 

In your case the most simplistic approach would be to manually rotate the image it's self and replace boot.bmp in /boot on the board,  I believe (don't quote me).


Give it a go and let us know if this helps you with your issue.





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Hi All!


Because the file /boot/logo.bmp contains another logo(armbian / initializing boot loader) and the logo that I want to rotate shows "armbian / universal operating system", I could not change it, them I adopted another approach:


- The approach that I used was build armbian and do somethings before the construction:

1- Change the file build/packages/blobs/splash/logo.png with the new image (with the rotation that I want);

2- Modify script build/lib/general.sh function boot_logo() to change the spinner position (parameter --pic_position to 0x07).


That's it


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