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Hi, does anyone know how to get hardware video acceleration on orange 4 lts? I've looked around and I saw that rk3399's multimedia support can be enabled using the rk3399 legacy multimedia framework. But that requires a legacy buster image, which doesn't exist for the orange pi. I've tried to compile it myself, but it seems the compile script won't allow it. Is it really impossible to compile a legacy kernel for orange pi 4 lts?


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4 hours ago, eloon said:

Hi, does anyone know how to get hardware video acceleration on orange 4 lts?

Mainline kernel has fairly compliant decoder support for rk3399, see fluster-run-nanopc-t4.log for reference. Only this patch set is yet missing for HEVC decoder support. Current gstreamer framework provides out-of-the-box support, FFMPEG framework still requires several pending patches that need to be applied for v4l2-request support.

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6 hours ago, Дмитрий Батин said:

how to obtain multimedia acceleration on our OPI 4 LTS ( 3\16 version)

To get multimedia acceleration, you'll need an OS with up-to-date mainline software releases and a DE based on Wayland. For applications based on the ffmpeg framework, you will need patched mainline ffmpeg because request-api support is not yet included in mainline out-of-the-box. In order to have HEVC decoder support for the rk3399, you still need the kernel patches, as there is still more development work to be done. For the OPI 4 LTS support you need a suitable DTB that obeys mainline bindings and a device specific firmware to boot the OS. As far as I can see, Armbian offers these two components. So all the necessary information is available to create an appropriate OS.

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