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Unofficial image for the cubietruck



Since the CT (the A20 one, not the CT+) has been moved to CSC status, I've build a 22.04/jammy minimal image for my CT, and I figured I might as well share it with you.


The only changes to "pure" armbian are some power management debug options in the kernel.



SHA256 of zip file: 9d0028a9f5c6258a739f52f447bf4400d20fec52358f5006ae8a26b602acdfc0



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21 hours ago, ignne said:

Since the CT (the A20 one, not the CT+) has been moved to CSC status

Since several weeks, we build all not supported images that at least build, but they are elsewhere https://github.com/armbian/community and untested.


Improvements, if any, are still accepted:

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Dear Ignne,

thanks for the incredible work. The image runs like a charm on my CT3.


The only thing which is kind of annoying, is the fact, that wehen issuing a shutdown command, the board does not power off.

It goes down all the way, but at the last step, when issuing the I2C commands to the power IC to shut off, it gets some kernel panic and stays there. I have to manually pull the plug.


Are you aware of that behavoir? Is there any workaround?


Thanks a lot

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To be honest, I just took existing stuff, did a " ./compile.sh " and uploaded it. None of that is my work, except for maybe an hour of computing time. But I didn't notice that bug, not sure why. Maybe I just always pulled the plug :)

Anyway, I think it's better to start a new thread, so more people will see it?

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