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Armbian developers meeting 12/21/2022


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This weeks meeting topics:


  1. Merging of next generation build framework Primary goal is to understand benefits it is bringing as we all will need to sacrifice some time in order to review it, then merge and fix remaining bug. Despite our current system produces images, we have many bugs and dirty workarounds that this upgrade is addressing.
  2. The future of rockchip64 family Main goal is to make it maintainable again.
  3. GitHub development and review process Main goal is to motivate people to take more responsibility for reviewing and merging. Define clear rules.





Everyone interested should watch a recording (~1h) and place a comment below. Comments will be discussed here and / or at next meeting. Before we can do anything in real regarding merging NEXT, we need to clean patches but also address several things, starting with those:



How to help? Cleaning the patches! (helper is here)


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