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Armbian developers meeting 1/4/2023

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Event -> Video (with transcripts and comments)


1. Checking the progress of Armbian-next. 



How to help?


  • users? continue to test various variants -> open a ticket
  • developers? focus on cleaning rockchip64 / media patches, focus into config/ section -> moving family and board hacks into extensions


2. Armbian short description


We are still not unified. Most sane idea is to better divide Armbian as OS for end users and Armbian as a build system for developers / integrator / business users and name those two more appropriate. We couldn't unite on a name to fit it all. 


3. Mainlining of patches


We generally agree and encourage this but we can deal with this gradually. Cleaning and squashing patches first, then move on. While doing this perhaps mark what could be good candidate to mainline so we don't press on people to proceed right on the spot.

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