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armbianEnv.txt should be loaded when booted?


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Hey there! I'm trying to create an image with Debian Bullseye using Debos and Armbian. My board is an Orange Pi PC H3.
I am following this step guide to generate the image, but I'm having problems to read serial. The tutorial that I follow was created for Orange Pi Zero +2 H5, so I change the architecture for armhf.

When I boot the image I don't have any file named "armbianEnv.txt". This file should be already there? Or I have to create it? Some idea about what can be the problem?
Just for test I create this file with some parameters that I found, but still not working.

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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!

Debos is a third party build system, and your best source of support would be Debos maintainers and forums.
Armbian v5.75 on which your instructions are based is very obsolete, Armbian current is now on v22.11 and a huge amount has changed.

If a downloaded Armbian image doesn't suit your purpose, you might be better off building an Armbian minimal image with a modern kernel using the  Armbian build system.  Documentation is linked in the previous reply.

Brief steps below (follow the guide for the longer more complete version).
If you are building on a supported Linux Ubuntu (>=focal) on a PC or virtual machine, it's quite simple.  Docker and Vagrant methods are also available see the documentation.

apt-get -y -qq install git  

Make a build directory (anywhere suitable)
cd into that directory

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/armbian/build

cd build

And follow the menu's


Or for a minimal version for your board without having to select via menu's:



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Hey! Sorry by the late reply.

Thank you for all the answers, I'm really new on this, so helped me a lot! I followed all the steps, read the documentation and build a minimal image.
I kept trying to generate an image by Debos, but unfortunately I still not getting the armbianEnv.txt file and also still having problems with serial. Anyway, my initial purpose was generate the image and boot my board, and this happend. I'll keep trying to use Debos, and if I get it, I come back here to share! :)

Again, thank you for all support!

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