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Boot orangepipc from usb


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I'm using a orangepi pc with armbian and I want to boot (automatically if possible) from the usb flash drive where I flashed batoceda. Is it possible? And if so, would you have step by step?


Thanks a lot.

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So strange,

my firts words were "Hello, I'm using a orangepi pc with armbian..." I thought it was pretty obvious that i'm actually using Armbian.
I'm a beginner, that's true, english is not my mother language, also true, but i'm looking for help to understand and learn. I thought that with a name like this (forum.armbian.com) in a section for beginners i could find some.


The thing is that i'm trying to build a  bootable usb for my device (whatever the os i'm looking to boot on).
I would appreciate if someone had a solution for that.
Thanks a lot.

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