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Armbian developers meeting 3/15/2023

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1. Changes on "about Armbian"


An email will sent out to all people mentioned on new "about armbian" to confirm their presence as is, chose anonymization (forum nick instead of "first name l."ast name)


2. Armbian versioning and repository management

- we are temporally going back to original versioning (as known from master branch) as its one step to far

- repository management was already tested with previously mentioned revert. It is already done, but need cleaning and making PRs

- we will drop DTB package and move dtb blobs to the /boot/


Short term to do:

- matrix to generate JSON for images and packages generation

- add warnings and exists on deprecated functions such as KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes which is causing users many problems

- prepare more design related documents and instructions for developers to join in easier


3. Build framework 1st run configuration


We ran out of time, next week.



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