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Armbian developers meeting 3/22/2023

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1. We have cycled issues that are opened and found out there is nothing super critical at this moment https://github.com/armbian/build/issues Most of are minor issues or small to mid feature requests. 


2. First run configuration topic was skipped as key people on the topic were not on the meeting


3. We focus great deal of time on idea how to improve interaction with community and how to motivate people that use build system to help arranging documentation. As this is more or less our only option. Another alternative is that someone dedicate his full focus and check all feature. We checked "developers section" of docs and identified sections which can be removed as they are deprecated. The same for build switch. We didn't go into specific switches, but decide to generate section "Deprecated" and moved all features that are not maintained or broken, there. To wait for maintainers. Also we would set a date when feature is going to be removed unless it will be covered by someone.

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