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armbian-install: boot from SD system on SATA, USB or NVMe - not working properly


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After running the armbian-install program and selecting option "1 'Boot from SD - system on SATA, USB or NVMe'" the program transfers the contents of the SD card to the drive (SATA or NVMe). And it works. The problem occurs after booting - a message appears about the device being unable to mount /media/mmcboot . And indeed - the contents of /media/mmcboot and /boot are empty.

The problem turns out to be the contents of the /etc/fstab file generated on the SATA/NVMe drive. The mount point /media/mmcboot has a only UUID value, but the text "UUID=" is missing before the value. After manually adding it, everything starts fine.

If someone could lean in and correct the error in the armbian-install script.. that would be nice. The topic is definitely about scripts for rockpi 4b/4se and cubieboard.

(tested on armbian v21 for cubietruck and armbian v23 for rockpi 4b/4se).

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