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u-boot 2022.10-armbian hangs when a USB hard disk is connected

Marco d_Itri


u-boot from Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Bananapim5_sid_edge_6.2.0-rc3_minimal.img hangs if I try to boot with my USB hard disk connected.

I replaced it with u-boot from Armbian_22.08.7_Bananapim5_bullseye_edge_5.19.16.img and that one works fine.


U-Boot 2022.10-armbian (Feb 12 2023 - 17:20:43 +0000)bpi-m5

Model: Banana Pi BPI-M5
SoC:   Amlogic Meson SM1 (S905X3) Revision 2b:c (10:2)
DRAM:  3.8 GiB
Core:  384 devices, 27 uclasses, devicetree: separate
MMC:   sd@ffe05000: 0, mmc@ffe07000: 1
Loading Environment from nowhere... OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Net:   eth0: ethernet@ff3f0000
Autoboot in 2 seconds
starting USB...
Bus usb@ff500000: Register 3000140 NbrPorts 3
Starting the controller
USB XHCI 1.10 
scanning bus usb@ff500000 for devices... error in inquiry


If I unplug the USB hard disk then also the newer u-boot works fine:

scanning bus usb@ff500000 for devices... 4 USB Device(s) found
       scanning usb for storage devices... 0 Storage Device(s) found


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Hello Marco d_Itri,

I'm facing the same problem with my M2Pro. How do you manage to replace the u-boot?

You just install this other version on emmc?


Thank you.

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@Igor I got quite similar problem of infinite boot loop on Banana Pi M5. It is caused by one of the patch where usb/nvme/scsi are given higher boot priority. I've resolved the problem by compiling new u-boot.bin from trunk to address this issue and  has been tested for u-boot v2022.10 and v2023.4.  I have send a PR. Please have a look.



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