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Boot Orange Pi 5 from HDD connected through Sata-USB adaptor


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Hi, i've an Hdd of 1TB and i would like to use it as a storage for my orange pi 5. I would like to install armbian and boot directly from the Hdd the operating system. I need only to buy the adaptor for sata interface.

Before to buy it i've read some posts and also watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5-sZt_O51w&pp=ygUZb3JhbmdlIHBpIDUgYm9vdCBmcm9tIHVzYg%3D%3D

and this guy was not able to boot the orange pi directly from the Hdd because the adaptor was creating some problem.

1) I would like to ask you if someone knows if in this months this problem was been resolved or not

2) If it is not yet solved, i would like to install the OS and boot it from the MicroSD card and use the Hdd with the adaptor as a storage (like a big usb stick), does in this way the Hdd will be visible and would i be able to use it?


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You do have a way to power your HDD do you? Or is it an SSD?
A sata adapter only powers 2.5" devices. If it's 3.5" HDD then you need 12V. 
I would advice not to boot from HDD. If something goes wrong with the image on an sd-card then you just replace the sd-card without loosing anything from the HDD. 
Do use a good sd-card. Hard drives also aren't super fast, so no real speed benifit in using that. 

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