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Adding support for NanoPC -T6

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I've just got a shiny new NanoPC-T6 and can get it to sort of work using a Debian image provided by the Vendor.

One issue is the HDMI output which seems to be quite unusual. I can only get one of my monitors to display an image (a 4K philips) .

The usual 1920x1080 screens such as Acer 22" don't work.

It also seems the Debian version can only run an overlay driver rather than native


I already run a NanoPi M4V2 and a NanoPi R2S under Armbian and am very happy with them and armbian


I'm happy to be a guinea pig for anyone wanting to get an armbian version running on the T6. I have some respectable machines that can do cross-compiles quite fast. 

I want to get the device to run fully native drivers and specifically have full control over the NPU cores for hard-core image applications.

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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!

Thanks for the hint to the wip board config ... I did some builds in the weekend and can confirm that bookworm legacy is working pretty well - only thing was that I had to enable all the dvb drivers as they were not enabled in the kernel config ... Besides from using it as NAS with a JMB585 PCI-E card, I also want to use the T6 as VDR server with DVB-S adapters :)

I also tried edge - was compiling, but not bootable as noted here:


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Using this board with Armbian_23.08.0-trunk_Nanopct6_jammy_collabora_6.5.0-rc1.img built with Armbian build, 

everything's ok when running from SD card, but after copying stuff to eMMC with armbian-installer and running from eMMC I get things broken:

- getting lots of IO errors like this in dmesg:

I/O error, dev mmcblk0, sector 344488960 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 2


Also I've noticed that the disks structure is quite different on SD and eMMC, so eMMC has extra devices:

- mmcblk0boot0

- mmcblk0boot1

and there's nothing like this on SD


Please bring on some light how to fix this.


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adding dmesg output
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