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Apt package for the Nanopi R6S u-boot


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Hi all,


For most Nanopi devices there are packages in the registry which contain the u-boot files, for example:


Is there a reason these packages aren't present for the Nanopi R6S?


The reason behind this question is that I used to extract the u-boot from these packages to experiment with other OS'es which have no official release for a certain device. Of course I can get the u-boot from the downloadable images its first couple bytes, but downloading just the package is way smaller. If there is another source to obtain the u-boot blobs I am all ears.

I found that I can build them myself from the armbian/build repository with something like this but this isn't as lean as just downloading a package:

./compile.sh \
BUILD_ONLY=u-boot \
BOARD=nanopi-r6s \
BRANCH=legacy \
RELEASE=focal \


Hopefully someone could point me in the right direction, thanks for all the time in getting support to these ARM devices ♥️

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There are no packages for 23.05 release at all due to major stability issues.

 I think there aren't older ones either because R6S has been added after 23.02 release.


Anyway as you already guessed you can use the build framework to create a package bundle for your board and do whatever you want with them.

Or simply wait a few days until 23.08 release which will have both images and apt repo up to date :)



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