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SPI: spidev 0.0 and spidev0.1 do not work simultaneously


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I am working on a project with armbian 23.8.1 embedded in a banana pi m2 zero. I need to use the spi 0 with the two select chips. When I initialize I can only initialize spidev0.0 or spidev 0.1. There is no way that can initialize both.

Configure the armbianEnv.txt file with the following parameters:

overlays= spi-add-cs1 spi-spidev

Also try other combinations and nothing. 


Then try to modify the .dtb file by adding cs-gpios and changing status = "okay" but it doesn't work

archivo dts modificado-no funciona.PNG

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@FelSM The format you have used to define gpios for cs-gpios format seems bit odd to me. May be it is just my lack of knowledge, not 100% sure. Generally for allwinner boards, the format I have seen contains 4 parameter i.e. reference to pinctrl node either &pio or &r_pio, pin line number, gpio number and then state. You only have mentioned 3 parameters which makes me a bit confused about what pins you are trying to use as chip selects here.

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