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New mirror in Japan

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I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I used the contact form twice back in august and september and haven't received any reply :) The mirror list on the github page is not updated either


Anyway, as a raspberry pi lover, I've set up a mirror to support the development of armbian:










sync frequency: every 4 hrs

upstream: rsync://rsync.armbian.com/{apt,dl}

armbian-archive coming soon(TM)


Bandwidth: 10Gbit/s, not metered. Currently serving about 10TB per day.

Admin contact: Jing Luo <szmun.luoj a.t. gmail.com> or <jing a.t. jing.rocks>

Geolocation: Tokyo, Japan

IPv6: yes


Thank you for your trust and support.


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Hi @Igor , sorry to bother you busy releasing 23.11, I wrote to info@armbian and cc'ed you, on 2023-11-22 titled "Mirror info update...", but the info is not yet updated. Allow me to put to up2date info here:


repo.jing.rocks now hosting 3 repos: armbian-apt, armbian-dl, armbian-archive






Thank you very much.

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26 minutes ago, JING LUO said:

Allow me to put to up2date info here


We had (still have) issues (broken ipv6) with primary rsync server infrastructure and secondary (which is probably your source) was out of sync until few hours ago.  I have manually re-run update check and images are now in sync, while packages are not yet.


Working on it ... Thank you!

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