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Capabilities of Orangepi zero2 on Armbian

Stephen Graf
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There are a number of people working on getting the orangepi zero3 to work with Armbian. The zero3 is almost identical to the zero2 which is a supported board. The differences between the two have been taken into account by upstream Linux and u-boot changes in at least Linux-6.6 to the point where it is possible to build a working zero3 Armbian image. Everything else in theory should be identical between the two boards.  Any changes should apply to both zero2 and 3.

My question is, what capabilities are supported by Armbian on the zero2. What is working and tested?

- wifi





-i2c, spi

It would be helpful to know what works today on zero2 to avoid duplicating efforts on zero3. Any changes being developed for zero3 should also be tested on zero2.

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@Stephen GrafHere is my understanding of zero2 board status 

  1. wifi, bluetooth - broken due to missing dts changes

  2. HDMI - broken missing dts and sun4i-drm patches. I found out there are patches that only add zero2.dts part of hdmi changes, ignoring sun50-h616.dtsi side and then to counteract compilation failure another patch is added to remove the same. Its quite weird to be honest. Not sure why its done like that.

  3. sound - Should also be broken either due to missing dts patches or also due to missing driver for audio hub. Not sure

  4. gpio - should be working fine

  5. i2c, spi - might be working fine after enabling overlays?

CC @ALIGMSTEN as he has a zero2 and should be able to confirm the same.

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Yes indeed all have found the same as @Gunjan Gupta.


Particularly zero2 display engine, sun4i merge conflicts with megous patches were frustrating and had to work around that.

Haven't been able to follow much lately, as probably already noted here, zero3 would be more attractive for today's applications.


Although the soc is similar between boards, there are fundamental differences between board layouts, pmic etc wifi chip, I think.

Haven't really paid much attention - so stand to be corrected .. more clarity at linux-sunxi. 


Guess, there would be some catches just copying over from zero2.


Good luck!


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