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No WiFi on latest Kernel

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1 hour ago, Kevin Bosworth said:

What is the deal?

Device is currently not supported by Armbian team due to lack of support for team resources (people that sponsors software support for you and HW makers). Don't worry, support can't be worse then Debian / Ubuntu / Manjaro / Arch / Orange * Linux quality level where such deal comes by default.






Community maintained devices are not under active supervision or development. Support status is unknown to Armbian team. It represents combined former CSC (community supported configuration) and EOS (end of support). Can be removed from Armbian code base at any time. Left as a courtesy in case a community member wants to attempt to resurrect maintenance.

Community maintained SBCs are exclusively supported by the community.


Few ideas how to resolve this problem: code and SDK can be download here: https://github.com/armbian/build Download, fix the problem, integrate it. Don't know how to proceed? Hire developer that is familiar with the topic, compensate his time and share the fix with community.

.. or revert kernel (via armbian-config) to last working one and forget about this problem,

and minimize chances of further collapse,

and/or just wait that someone volunteer to fix this problem.


And nobody know what you mean by "latest kernel" -> https://forum.armbian.com/topic/5699-how-to-provide-and-interpret-debug-output/


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