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Hi devs,


i'm looking for informations about the needed certifications to be able to sell a board in EU (with enclosure).  I know that many board have ce/fcc certifications, and others not, but the question is:


1) when i compose the product with an hypothetical fcc/ce board + an enclosure (let's suppose an fcc/ce enclosure, if it exists) + other CE/FCC modules i need to obtain a new certification!!??

2) there are enclosure fcc/ce approved for orange pi (or if not) for some boards?

3) is the orangepi fcc/ce certified (seems no...), expecially the zero?

4)  if is mandatory that the board and the enclosure must be certified together, there is a board with enclosure included, that is ce certified?




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I'm very confused about what is needed to certify a device as CE. As i read the law was changed in 2014, but i can't find something to read that is useful for my burocracy knowledge level (zero). For example i don't understand why i have to certify the psu (the common 5V 2A/3A used by all the boards) with the board, if they are separated from the main device and both certified separately...  

And i don't understand if a Company/Engineer can self-certify a device (and which test is needed)... someone can share a link about that? Most of the google results are written by company that promote their certifying service, and are unclear

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thanks pzw,


i can't understand the CE certification for iot (ELV ultra low voltage category) products (not toys, or medical stuffs), when and how is needed to test something if everything is under 50v (ELV) with eventually a CE 220v 1A external standard usb power charger. The law (for me) is unclear about that, (maybe not for an eletrical engineer), and i can't found some article that cover this kind of products specifically




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If all the individual part are CE certified, and you have all certificates in hand, I think you can declare yourself that the complete unit is CE compliant. 

However be extremely careful with assuming that the CE marking on a piece of electronics coming from China actually means that it is CE compliant, and is not an indication of "Chinese Export". 

Stick to reliable suppliers, so no Aliexpress/Ebay etc, to get your parts. I would recommend Mouser/Farnell/Digikey/RS, and ensure you can get a copy of the certification. Then based on that, and your correct building/construction techniques can make a self declaration that the complete unit is CE compliant.

I would strongly recommend looking at your local national standardisation body and/or IEC to make sure your construction is safe.

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