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Building latest moonlight qt version

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I am tyring to build the latest version of moonlight-qt (6.0.0).

Up until now, I succeded by removing the disable-libdrm and disable-wayland to enable hardware acceleration and use H264, H265 and AV1 all of them through hardware acceleration.

However, I get huge decoding times and they are even variable, ranging from 40ms to 300ms depending on what is going on in the streaming.

The 4.3.1 version provided by @amazingfate works very good at 4ms decoding time but I would like to test the new AV1 encoder and features from the latest version.

What steps should I follow to get it working correctly?


Thank you in advance

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Hello again @amazingfate:

I did some more tests to check what you said.

First, there are no frame drops, video is smooth using any decoder. 

Regarding decoding time, the behaviour is a little bit strange: the higher the framerate that moonlight renders, the lower the decoding time. When I am running 120fps, the decoding time is 35 ms which is as low as I managed to get it to.


In your 4.3.1 moonlight that you have in your ppa at launchpad I get 4ms decoding time. Sorry for the dumb question, I am just trying to understand: did you apply any patch or did anything in the source code to make the decoding time lower?


Thanks in advance

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4.3.1 moonlight is linked to ffmpeg 4.4, while new moonlight is linked to ffmpeg 6 because libavcode-dev in my ppa is updated to 6.0.

Decoding time caculation is ffmpeg releated. I think moonlight can't distinguish decoding time and rendering time with new ffmpeg.

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Thanks for answering so quickly.

I didnt know that the decoding time measurement was performed this way. So, there shouldnt be any difference between both versions performance then. I didnt try to play much and latency didnt seem as noticeable. 


Thanks for sharing your knowledge again!


PS: I put another post about linux kernel 6.1 not booting after updating some libraries from your ppa, could you take a look or tell me how can I debug it?

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@zetalex Were you able to use 4k120? If so, how did you enable 4k120 in Linux? I am not able to set the display (my TV) to 4k120, only 4k60... My TV's HDMI port is definitely a 4k120 port (verified with my PC and Nvidia GPU).

Have you seen this tutorial? I lists all required steps if you want to use hardware acceleration on RK3588 with 6.1 kernel.



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@amazingfate @zetalex I tried to compile version 6.0 of Moonlight with libavcodec-dev 6.0.1 from amazingfate's ppa. However, I got significant decoding times too and noticeable lag when moving the mouse. After reading amazingfate's post, I recompiled it using libavcodec-dev 4.4.2. Now, the decoding time is below 10 ms and noticeable lag is gone.

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Posted (edited)

@q-bert It seems like you might have missed some dependencies while building, such as egl. Without the start log, it's difficult to point out why. I've uploaded a compiled moonlight-qt 6.0 binary file. Just make it executable with chmod +x then enjoy it. 


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