Bug in usbOTG host in orange pi lite



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So I enabled overlays=usbhost0 in armbianEnv.txt


it works after reboot.

I connected my OTG converter and connected my bluetooth and managed to see the bluetooth device.


However, after rebooting / powercycle, i notice 

'[   23.700998] musb_bus_suspend 2584: trying to suspend as a_wait_bcon while active' appearing non-stop in dmesg


How to get this message is as follows

1) Switch off your device.

2) Connect your OTG microusb to usb converter (You may / maynot plug in your usb device to it)
3) Switch on your device.

4) Run dmesg and it runs crazy.


However, if you power on WITHOUT connecting your OTG converter, you will never get this error message.

If you connect it once your device boots up, you still will NOT get this error message.



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Apologies for jumping in here but I'm trying to chase down the same for the FriendlyAram NanoPi M1.


My device tree foo is, well, bar, so please indulge me here. Looking at the schematics for the 2 boards they seem to share the same pinnng for USB OTG (I think) http://linux-sunxi.org/images/8/88/Orange_pi-lite-v1_1.pdf and http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/images/d/d8/NanoPi-M1-1603-Schematic.pdf


Looking at sunxi-common-regulators.dtsi, the 'reg_usb0_vbus' section has 'status' marked as disabled. Is this the one that should be set to 'ok'?


I'd add a link to the relevant but Github is truncating the listing of files.



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