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Alwinner A20 Micro won't output HDMI



Hello there,


I just flashed latest armbian (downloaded yesterday) on my A20 Olinuxino Micro. Version was with legacy kernel as my use case involves multimedia. SD card is Samsung Evo 128GB.

Once I attach HDMI display, I can see armbian logo and something happening (booting kernel etc) just for a few seconds, then screen flashes with colors and I don't get anymore signal. I tried with two monitors with the same reult. Later today I will try using cable-f attached to pins to see wether something is happening under the hood (I expect yes). In the meantime can someone confirm this issue? What should I try in order to fix this?


Thanks in advance for any help on this.



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Ended up issue was already described here 



Solution for me was to bin2fex micro.bin file and replace


screen0_output_type = 1
screen0_output_mode = 5
screen1_output_type = 1
screen1_output_mode = 5



screen0_output_type = 3
screen0_output_mode = 4
screen1_output_type = 0
screen1_output_mode = 4

taken from lime.fex here https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/fex/lime2.fex



You should consider fixing this upstream, as current a20 olimex micro legacy image won't output on HDMI out of the box



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