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ESPTerm - a nice Idea fore the Debug-Port

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Yesterday I came across the following - for me - fine project (Demo-Page):

ESPTERM Release 2.3.0 Cricket







Its a VT100-Webpage-Terminal on a ESP8266-Microcontroller which opens a Accesspoint.

You could connect via this VT100-Webpage-Terminal to the TTL-Port of the ESP8266.


TTL-Connection is done (like allways in TTL-Connections) with RX,TX and GND


I connected my Orange Pi R1 via TTL and 115200 Baud and could "work" at a (max.) Terminal-Size of 80x25

(80x25 is max. in the downloadable binary - if you do compile by yourself mor is possible.... 132x50 would be fine :) )


So if you have a misconfigured Network-Connection (missed the /24 in the IP of the server in nmtui) and you dont want to use a USB-serial-Dongle because every Dongle wats its own driver  - here a second solution :)



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I checked with the author to see if we could really increase the 80x25 terminal size. 

He said at the time he set the 80x25 limit it was due to the limited available ram of the ESP8266 devices


My attempts to try 80x30 was not yet successful





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