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- board vendor actively participates (listens to the community, provides information including schematic and cares about correctness, tries to bridge developer community and chip vendor)

- board vendor take care of their board configuration and submit patches

- board vendor provides dev samples

- yet another A64

- good powering method


- none specific to this board


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After becoming discouraged after hearing about Libre Computer's plans to not release any of their board design files and noticing that all the OLinuXino boards are designed in KiCad and openly available on GitHub, I decided to purchase one of these boards (rev D).


Although I am already a contributor on several other Olimex products, this is the first one that I now personally own!  I would be interested in helping out on this platform, but first I would need some guidance with where everything is at with this board and the best way to get started.  Also, I am interested in doing what I can to have more of a pure Debian experience and rely less and less on Ubuntu.

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Last known state with A64 and particular with this board are (IIRC): working legacy kernel and partially working modern u-boot/kernel combo. Wifi works on both, eMMC is up while there are problems with a network on the mainline kernel. HDMI is also not enabled yet.


Things are moving. When building, just use NEXT branch, 2018.05 + 4.17.y/4.18.y kernel. We have to bring it up here.


Debian Stretch is the best target in any case. Bionic is packed with bugs, while Xenial is older than Stretch now. Our Ubuntu is free of corporate junk and AFAIK we only use those non-free packages: iozone3, firmware.

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