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IP Camera - CCTV omxplayer



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On 17/1/2018 at 12:59 PM, Magnets said:

If you want hardware accelerated decoding you need to use mpv or mplayer. I'm not sure if you can run multiple instances and all use VDPAU


edit: mpv segfaults if you open 2 instances


Main problem now is related to Motion... mjpeg is not multithreaded, only one core (per camera) work into flow mjpeg->RAW->motion analisys->display output. H264/X264 is multithreaded (but still a low quality approach). Final output (movie) can be accelerated by (a future) version of FFmpeg. A good hw for a cctv project is an A17/A57/A72 ARM (out of order, fast single core performance compared to a A7/A53) or a low power Intel N3350 (Gigabyte Brix with Debian 9).

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