Nano Pi NEO Air with enc28j60: "chip not found"

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Hi all. I've been struggling for several days to establish an internet connection via enc28j60 (Ethernet to SPI device) on my Nano Pi NEO Air, running Armbian 5.27, kernel 4.11.3.


I have this custom DTS file added to my armbianEnv.txt, with two small modifications regarding the interrupt pin (apparently, PA7 is not available on Nano Pi NEO Air). I have

pins = "A17";
interrupts = <0 17 2>;

instead of


pins = "PA7";
interrupts = <0 7 2>;


The DT stuff is correctly loaded during boot, and an eth0 interface shows up (initially with random MAC address upon every reboot, but it's fixed now). However, only the orange light on the enc28j60 blinks - the green one just sits still (powered on). And there is no internet connection, despite the fact that "nmcli d" tells otherwise.


The only occurrences of "spi" on dmesg are the following:


[    4.369613] enc28j60 spi0.0: enc28j60 Ethernet driver 1.02 loaded
[    4.373744] enc28j60 spi0.0: enc28j60 chip not found
[    4.373829] enc28j60: probe of spi0.0 failed with error -5

This readme file suggests that enc28j60 overlay "may require activating the SPI bus device is connected to by a kernel provided overlays (i.e. overlays=spi0)", however I could not find spi0 overlay for H3 devices.


Other than that, I'm confident the hardware connections are correct.


Am I missing anything obvious? Or maybe my Armbian version is outdated? How can I connect my Nano Pi NEO Air to the internet via ethernet?



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7 hours ago, Igor said:

You are using some old development version, get latest: and enable spi0 with armbian-config ... than proceed with this enc ...

Version 5.38 now, but there is no spi0 in armbian-config. There are i2c0, usbhost0 etc, but no spi0... And now eth0 won't even show up, but the module is correctly loaded (same "chip not found error" though).


8 hours ago, zador.blood.stained said:

And this

is definitely not the right format for pin description, it should start with "P".

My bad when writing the post. It was correct in my file.

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