Orange Pi Zero GPIO bread board

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why not? GPIO is GPIO. :P


the only thing is to find a GPIO library which fits best to your use-case. 

  • @Larry Bank provides a C Library with python and Java bindings (with a lot of examples, sysFS based).
  • I maintained a fork of pyA20 (Python based, pyGPIO /dev/mem based, needs root to execute programs) with multiple boards, but cause he's a way more active than me, I suggest to use his library as long as you don't need 'maximum speed' to toggle pins.
  • @sgjava provides bindings for a libgpiod based library (needs mainline kernel) with python and java bindings

And there are other libraries 'in the wild' which might or might not work for your board. 

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13 hours ago, Larry Bank said:

Yes, the physical pins line up with the RPI original 26-pin GPIO. Remember that the connector is on the "other side" of the board with respect to the RPI way of doing it.

Yeah, I remember from somewhere that OPi has "compatible" GPIO with RPI, but rotated (180 degrees?).


(as an important side note - would be nice if pin description on the breadboard adapter fit actual pins - I can live without this or with a piece of paper, but it's usefull to have valid description for kids :) )

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