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Orange pi one plus cluster project

Marcin Tomasz Gradowski

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Hi, I want to build cluster with ubuntu for my bioinformatics calculations and maybe for webserver.
I didn't do anything like that earlier, so I want you all to be kind xD

Here is what i have:
> 5x orange pi one plus (every opi with heatsinks)
> NAS expansion (for disk minissd or HDD)
> tp-link switch with 8 ports (tp-link tl-sf1008d, im afraid it will be to slow for this, but i can change it later)
> AC DC Power Adapter 5V / 10A Charger Transformer ( for Opi's)
    - with splitter 
> 2 port usb charger for NAS and switch (cause of i cant find power supply for all of opis with switch and NAS - im bad at electronics)
> ethernet cables
> Adapters to power supply
Photo: https://ibb.co/iWkOOc

I have some questions about
- sd cards, every opi must have ubuntu server installed?
- NAS when i connect expansion with disk will it be visible to system without any actions in sys?

- can i use ubuntu desktop? or it must be ubuntu sesver OS?


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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

- sd cards, every opi must have ubuntu server installed?

keep the same distro across all devices makes life easier

- can i use ubuntu desktop? or it must be ubuntu sesver OS?

matters not, as the cluster will work under either. 

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you might have a look in this thread too:

it looks like @wtarreau and you might have somehow similar needs (cpu power and network) for different use-cases. 

On 4/27/2018 at 4:32 PM, Marcin Tomasz Gradowski said:

maybe for webserver.

hmm I wouldn't trust any of the currently available linux from xunlong for a webserver... :P  The BSP kernels are outdated and not really maintained. So, as long as mainline support for the H6 is not mature enough, I wouldn't open such a board to the www...

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15 hours ago, wtarreau said:

The need for cluster is quite common in fact

hmm IMO there are 3 types of cluster:

  • needed and used ones
  • used for educational purposes
  • the 'I want a cluster at home' ones (e.g. every RPi based cluster I ever saw :lol:)

I think my university will shutdown their x86 based one soon (from what I heard, it's horrible in terms of power efficiency and mostly used for educational purposes anymore). Even the fact that I do in science, quantum mechanics (the field in which a cluster could be helpful for me) was never my favor so I digged never fully into efficient clusters for bioinformatics/chemoinformatics. As long as @Marcin Tomasz Gradowski project is CPU based, it might be worth to have a look at the Fire3 thread due to more recent kernel, per core price is slightly lower than a H6 based one and from what you wrote FriendlyARM delivers a sane heatsink setup to max out the performance of the board.


I guess, and that's just a guess cause I'm neither good enough in programming nor quantum mechanics for a 'fact based statement' (my QM knowledge ends somewhere near to Hartree–Fock, and my C knowledge - well, let's better avoid to talk about that... :lol:), neon optimized code should be really powerful (if I understand NEON right... :P ) when it comes to computational chemistry (e.g. DFT calculations). But as in many fields, 'the big kid in the sandbox'  is not known to 'play well' and doesn't share his toys with you (it's their business decision and I'm fine with, but I hope that someone, with a more open approach, shows that you can make a business out of it without hide everything behind a weird proprietary license).

All the 'nice tools' I use in science would never be affordable for private use, without a VPN account and a university which pays them happily a bunch of money every year to get access to it, my primary literature search program would be called google.com or the local library (both are fine but heavily time consuming) and my favorite 'molecule editor' would be my hand with a ballpoint due to my work-flow is 'optimized' to a proprietary one with an annual fee of ~1600$ (or something like 4500$ for a permanent license without any updates). We still could/should dream that this changes in the future.. :lol:

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