strange randomly reboot on armbian orange pi pc2


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Hello, everybody.

I have an orange pi pc2 device with armbian-release on it:


BOARD_NAME="Orange Pi PC2"











I was install my nodejs app on it, which lunch on start up. Device now is remote.

Everything was fine, but now i have a look at log (my nodejs log) and see strange reboots after that my app dose not lunch. When I ask people (device is remote and is ON) do OUT/IN power on it - after that everesing fine until the another randomly reboot start (one or two times per day).

Remotly i have access to nodejs child_process only, I have oportunity remotly write command to console and device send  me back the output. I was try to read /var/log/kern.log, but nodejs don't have permissions.

I have only remote command line with no root permissions and logs:


lastlog and faillog 

that not give me answers why armbian randomly reboot and why after this reboots my app dont lunch on start up.


Could you direct me what I can do to find the answer on question "why my device go to strange reboot"? 









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I just learned, that  this randomly reboot happened because  the power went down. 

But when the power go up again: device is on,  light-emitting diode blinking, Ethernet port blinking, but my app dose not start.


Is it possible that armbian dose not load operating system normally (after power go down and up again)  and load some armbianmonitor or  something like that?  

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