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Orange Pi +2E and 5.59: any HDMI + graphics acceleration?


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Hi everyone,


I'd like to ask and confirm: is there any working HDMI method with proper resolution currently for the Pi+2E, as of 5.59? I'm asking because I have tried next, I have tried dev, and I have tried the legacy kernel. None of them gave any satisfactory result at all.


  • Mainline
    • Kernel 4.14 -- There is HDMI graphics, but the resolution is stuck to no more than 1024x768. I read many times that this is the case when the HDMI was not detected.
    • Kernel 4.18 -- Same thing as for 4.14. Though, as far as I know, the 4.17 should have support for HDMI. Has HDMI for H3 really landed in 4.17, or have I read wrong all over the place?
    • Reading from http://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_Plus_2E: the HDMI is still WIP ... is HDMI indeed still a WIP?
  • Legacy
    • Pink screen
      • I have tried to use different cables, HDMI-HDMI, and HDMI-DVI ... both cables display exactly the same Pink screen on 2 different monitors, having done all possible cable swapping scenarios


As far as I know, the U-boot should detect the HDMI monitor first, but none of these above kernels/images worked. What's a bit of a shame is that I had success with the same monitors + cables and this same device in the past with Armbian, at least getting a proper resolution. Unfortunately, I have no backup of the images. So, my next question would be: is there a link to download older releases of Armbian?


At this point, I have no usable graphics, texts are all big because of the resolution, and graphics performance is terrible. I'd appreciate any help from you guys. I have marked all the relevant questions in bold, hopefully that would make helping-out faster. I sure would like to help-out in investigating this regression, but I first just want to make sure that I'm not hitting a known issue.


Thanks all.

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Update: It seems that there is something wrong with the board that I had tested. Using another board (same model that I bought together), the HDMI is immediately activated during the U-boot phase. The resolution is fully 1080p.

Now, what's remaining is the graphics acceleration, because it doesn't seem to be accelerated.

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2 hours ago, ElieZ said:

graphics acceleration, because it doesn't seem to be accelerated

That is still limited only to legacy kernels. Our desktop image with kernel 3.4.y should work out of the box - with preinstalled mpv.

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