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Olimex Lime 2 - Build from scripts hangs at boot

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Hello there,


I am trying to build a custom armbian image using instructions here http://www.armbian.com/using-armbian-tools/, because I need to enable additional module for Philips webcam, not included in stock one.


I have built the compile environment, run the script, added my modules and compiled, generating the entire image. Once I flash and boot from it though, Uboot hangs while saying "booting the kernel"


I have tried release 5.00 and 5.06, using Debian Wheezy and Jessie, with the same result. I have also tried flashing the stock image and then just replace kernel packages I had built, because I thought the problem could have to do with systemd.


As latest pre-built image is 4.5, I suspect I have leaped too much ahead with the kernel version. Having the latest kernel is not a requirement for me, so if I could just build my custom image based on 4.5, or using the same kernel this would be great, but I could not find this release here https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/releases



Any suggestions about how to proceed?



Thanks in advance for any help, and many thanks to Igor for leading this great project.





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Check forum guidelines to use maximum potential!

I could solve my issue this way:

  • install stock image
  • compile my custom kernel only, instead of entire image
  • replace kernel into stock image ONLY. Before I had also replaced u-boot with the one coming from compilation

Now system works properly and I am able to recognize my webcam. This means my issue was caused by u-boot, but I really cannot tell why.



All the best



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22 hours ago one u-boot related fix was added.




2 days ago I add a workaround



more than 2 days ago u-boot (network init) was broken, at least on some boards.


When exactly did you build?

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