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Armbian on a orange pi plus 1 2e


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I would like to grab a desktop img of armbian for my orange pi,  I did download 1 that said desktop and have logged in and with password

and created a account  but as far as I can go is to the lunix prompt how do I get desktop install of can any only please point me to download

the desktop img for my orange pi plus 1 2e.


Thank you


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Hi Igor


Thank you for your reply to my question as I am not good at this, were is text that I am meant to read, however

I have been playing around with it, I had downloaded Armbian Bionic must have done same thing wrong

so downloaded the other one  Armbian Stretch  and put in the login root/1234 and put my new name and password

and new account rebooted and logged in to my new account and saw armbian-config entered that may, have missed same setting

but went to default install decktop/browser and installed that and all is great. I now have desktop loaded and

running fine which is cool, I did see I can go back into armbian-config for any setting I may have missed.

so at this stage all is great, thank you


Ian = sneaky




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