SOLVED: DS1307 RTC kernel driver required for ROCK64 board

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I have a rock64 board, and I would like to use an external RTC module with DS1307 chip.

Unfortunately the armbian kernel does not provide DS1307 driver by default:


root@rock64:~# cat /boot/config-4.4.162-rockchip64 | grep DS1307
# CONFIG_RTC_DRV_DS1307 is not set

I don't have the programming skills for sending a pull request to enable this module. Could you please enable this module for ROCK64?

I believe other ROCK64 owners may also benefit from this driver, as the board does not expose a working RTC, and DS1307 is a very common RTC chip.


Thanks in advance.

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Problem solved.
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I have an external RTC module, which I bought from from AB electronics for my Rasberry Pi (see

As the pinouts for Raspberry Pi and Rock64 are same, I can connect this RTC module to the ROCK 64 board and i2cdetect detects the module with some minor tweaks.

The only missing part is the DS1307 kernel driver. I can change the armbian config and compile my own kernel, but I don't want to do that again and again whenever the kernel gets updated.

Therefore if the CONFIG_RTC_DRV_DS1307 option is set to "m" in the default config, every ROCK64 owner can use DS1307 based external RTC modules with the default armbian kernel.

I can even write a howto for that.


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