Vladimir Leontiev

Orange pi Zero Plus 2 - BLE bonding (pairing) issue

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I am trying to perform pairing with the Bluetooth Low Energy device using the bluepy library. This library uses the MGMT for ble.

The command 0x0019 (MGMT_OP_PAIR_DEVICE) returns success status (0x00). But using the sniffer I didn't found pairing request packet.

Then I tried to perform pairing using btmgmt tool with the same result (not paired, but success is returned).

Then I tried to use Bluetooth manager. User interface added the device and pairing returned success. But during the pairing my device wasn't indicate successful pairing. I still can't to read characteristics with no mitm protection. Which means that device is not paired.

Pairing type: just works (encription, no mitm)


Kernel: Linux orangepizeroplus2 4.14.70-sunxi

Version from the armbian-config: Armbian Xenial (5.60) for Orange Pi Zero Plus 2


Best regards,

Vladimir Leontiev

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