banana-pi r2 / dhclient with isp

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I just tried to get the dhclient on eth0 to communicate with my ISP (which uses dhcp).


On OpenWrt, this works with no problem. However, all I got on the bpi-r2 (eth0) was a 169.x (no answer) address.


For the internal network, the dhclient works just fine.


I have already tried using eth0 in systemd's network and outside of it (using dhclient). No communication in both cases.


ta, t.

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as far as I know, openWRT uses still the 4.9 kernel right? And if I'm not completely wrong the 4.9 kernel uses not a DSA driver. Maybe @frank-w can comment on this cause he knows the BSP sources a way better than I do. I only did the 'board bring up' with mainline kernels (starting somewhere at 4.17 now at 4.19).. :PDSA is actually a bit messy at the moment and it's not that easy to give you some guidance (e.g. I've fiber so I can't test a lot of things..)

eth0 isn't really 'wired out'.. in a picture eth0 are the traces between the SoC and the DSA chip (mt7530). So I assume (and that's pure assumptions) it's likely a configuration issue. The current configuration ( might not be sufficient for you (it's a it just works configuration and there's a lot room for improvements ;) ).  Maybe pick out one interface (e.g. wan) from the bridge and give it a try?

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official lede from sinovoip still uses 4.9, but there is imho also a dsa-driver (backported from 4.1x afair),

there is openwrt with 4.14 which includes Patches for bpi-r2 (where i've got my Patches for second gmac).


if you have a dsa-driver (you see interfaces wan,lan0-lan3) you cannot work on eth0/eth1 (these are only the ethernet-connections between switch [mt7530] and SOC/Main-CPU [mt7623]), only bring them up...ip-config has to be done on dsa-interfaces.

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you have not to care about DSA, only that it is there and you have to operate on virtual interfaces wan,lan0-3 instead of ethx. vlan have also time (most people don't need it), first get basic network-setup working.


so just bring eth0/1 only up and configure the wan/lan-ports


btw. it's new to me that there is a DSA-Driver for Bpi-R1, i only have seen swconfig-configurations to access ports separately

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that's why I highlighted you here.. you know the BSP and 'out of armbian' world better for the R2 than me. :) For the R2 Armbian uses networkd for configuration the best tutorials I found for it is found in archs wiki (they should print it in a book and call it linux for dummies :lol:)

Currently I don't spend much time in the R2, it's just that time is limited. I had a patch prepared for the second gmac (based on franks work), it shows up in ip a but networkd doesn't like it.. Maybe I've a look into it in the next weeks.

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