Lamobo R1 as switch

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Hi forum,


I want use my R1 board as a switch and if possible to run some services as the same if possible.


Now when I look in /etc/network

I do see a lot of different .conf files in that folder, but I do not really know how to use or them.


Therefore my questions.

1. can I use my board as switch and can I run as the same services.

2. How do I use these config files and how do I interpret the results.




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Hi just wanted to update this post and let you guys know that I did look at openwrt for for my board.

And that I was aware that there was a version of openwrt years back and I that I thought that there would be further development for it.

Turns out that the version of the openwrt I found seems to be top of the line.

very nice!

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