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No nothing noob can't see login missing char behind Bezel


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4 hours ago, martinayotte said:

With fresh image, Armbian is asking for "1234" password twice, then ask to enter new password twice, followed by new user creation ...

You forget the "root" as first, then "1234" x2, then new password x2, then user name, then password for the user x2, then again user name, then 4x enter and then "y"

I think that's the right order, I don't know why it asks for a phone number and a room number.

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Thanks for the answers.

I'm using an LG tv as a monitor and full screen resolution 1920 by 1080 the very top line and the bottom line as well as the first x characters are behind the bezel. 


Is there any way to change the boot config parameters to shift or shrink the display screen so all the characters are visible?


I run into this problem on all initial system boots.



found this now have to figure out how to make the changes


overscan_x/overscan_y=<int> - Set x/y overscan value This configures a black border on the left and right resp. top and bottom to deal with overscanning displays. Defaults to overscan_x=32 and overscan_y=20 for composite monitors, 0 for other monitors.


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