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Hey Nicod post more about your cool portable video processing rig


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Hi @lanefu.
I took some pictures of all my tech gear I take with me on trips.



The most important thing is my solar panels(I've got 2). It's a RavPower 24W 5V solar panel with 3 usb ports. Each USB can load up to 2.4A, and a total of 4.8A over all 3 the ports. In a nice sunny day it's quickly at it's maximum power.
Then the RavPower power banks(also 2). These are beasts of 26 800 mAh. With this I can work for 15 hours with my Odroid C2 + 7" display. It does take a bit more than a day to fully charge it with my solar panels. I always use one, while charging the other.



For video editing and rendering I used the Odroid C2(on the right) with a 7" display. This because it's the only one that's fast, and doesn't need active cooling. When it's cold and wet you don't want to sit in a tent with a fan blowing.
The Odroid also has it's own 3.5" HDMI display to watch video that I've filmed on it. So it's also a handheld. The C2 I'll replace with a RK3399 board. I still need to make a new metal case for everything. I also got a 13.3" 1080p display with speakers for the new "laptop"
The one on the left is my Raspberry Pi 2B with a 3.5" gpio display. This has a usb audio adapter, and a Sony lavalier microphone. This uses only 0.25A idle with the display included. So I can leave that on the whole day. It's totally protected with rubber on the sides, and a plexi glas in front of the display. So I can throw it arround and nothing happens. The same for my 7" display. Plexiglass, and then a rubber layer between the glas and the display.



For entertainment I've got the Raspberry Pi 3B+ also with a 3.5" hdmi display, and a PS3 controller. That fills up the rainy days when I ain't got anything better to do. Or when my Odroid C2 is bussy rendering new videos.

I often travel with my bycicle, and go wild camping everywhere in Europe. With this I film everything, I edit it in the evening. And when I go to a camping I upload everything to Youtube. 
Many people would not want to travel like this. But for me it's my heaven.

I couldn't do all that with my laptop. The thing is heavyer, a lot more power consumption, battery only lasts about 1,5hours, ... So SBC's are the greatest pieces of tech ever for me.
I used to carry around a lot of thick books while traveling. I'm happier with all this.
I love to watch a movie with a beer while the sun goes down on a beautiful spot. I can't wait to leave again.

In daily life I also use them, I don't have a smart phone. So these replace that.

I made a quick video on my last trip about it all. Also about my new 13.3" display.
But I didn't do any video editing on that trip since it was not a long trip(less than 2 weeks)

I hope that fulfills your curiosity.
I use my SBC's for a lot more than that alone. But it's because of this I fell in love with sbc's.
I was a giant tech nerd when I was young. I started working as a programmer when I turned just 15, but lost my job at 19(bankruptcy of the company I worked for) and didn't have a school degree. So I then lost all interest in computers for almost 15 years. SBC's have brought me back that joy of the early days. I just love them....


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