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  1. Please note that H3 datasheet says that only H.265 codec supports decoding 4K videos. But since there is no public documentation of that piece of HW, other codecs might also support decoding 4K video, but I wouldn't count on it.
  2. Of course, consider following line in drivers/video/videomodes.c char *p = getenv("video-mode"); Please note that video drivers are loaded very quickly, before U-Boot command line, so variable has to exist before. This can be achieved by setting variable and save it with "saveenv" command.
  3. Actually you can't do much except patch U-Boot. H3 and newer chips uses driver in U-Boot which doesn't consider video-mode variable. Since kernel relies on U-Boot to set up HDMI for now, the only thing you can do is to create U-Boot patch and rebuild the image on your own. You only need to change line 131.
  4. It has only IR receiver, so no, it is not possible without additional HW and probably some driver compiling. EDIT: Zero actually doesn't have IR receiver also, only with expansion board...
  5. It seems that numbers in hdmi driver are wrong for this mode. Here is a patch which might solve the issue, although not tested for obvious reasons: Note that link is valid only for 14 days. You can add this patch to build system and build your own image. If it works, we can include it in upstream repo. Although if you are not familiar with linux, this might be a nice challenge, but you will learn a few things along.
  6. Currently that is not possible yet due to missing DRM driver, but it is in the works.
  7. I can sent patches to mainline U-Boot for H3/H5/A64. I have never sent patches to Linux (but soon), but that shouldn't be a big problem to set up. However, I would rather see that original author of the patch is the one who sends it. It is very uncommon to send a patch of another person unless it is a serie of multiple patches where at least one is signed-off by a person who sends it. patman (tool in U-Boot) makes it easy to send a patch and it can be used for mainline Linux too.
  8. You want to say that you can't get image on screen back? Not even after reboot? That would indicate broken script.bin. Maybe you can try that on fresh installation on spare card? Mentioned metod works, tested by me (in the past) and someone else.
  9. That looks very promising code-wise. I will get rock64 soon and definetly test your project. Do you have any issue tracker for Kodi related issues? Do you have zero copy rendering or do you render through GPU?
  10. I will probably wait a little until it becomes clear what is the best approach to deal with those things. mpp is a complex library and it takes some time to figure it out. However, there is also a libva interface, which is standarized, but it doesn't support all codecs (if I understand correctly). If I will go in OE direction again, libva would be immensely preferred. BTW, I think that HDMI core is similar as on H3, but at least Rockchip 8 ch audio implementation seems to better follow standards. Unfortunately, I don't have any HW to test this functionality.
  11. Sorry, I didn't work on OE or BSP kernel for quiet some time, so I can't help you further.
  12. That may be hard, but I just checked mpp source (Rockchip HW video acceleration library) and it mentions that RK3328 is fully supported. Rockchip kernel 4.4 also has initial support for video decoding. I would say that future is bright.
  13. Usually, when you talk about SoCs like those from Rockchip or Allwinner, transcoding is only doable when you using both, HW decoding and encoding. H3 supports only H264 and VP8 encoding, for example. I'm not sure what is the situation with Rockchip... And appropriate code examples are also hard to come by.
  14. Uh, I mistyped. 4.13 DRM merge deadline will probably come too soon to merge HDMI code, but 4.14 kernel should have it. But at least porting should be straightforward, so Armbian can have it nevertheless.
  15. I think that H3 will get DRM HDMI/TVE driver in 4.13 and Icenowy already tested mali driver (x11 version), which works. So it is not so distant future, but it will take some months for sure.