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    Igor reacted to ning in use systemd-firstboot to replace hardcoded configure in build scripts   
    manual page:
    archlinux Wiki:
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    Igor reacted to busterrr3x in Is anyone else getting a bad checksum?   
    Thanks - it's at the bottom of the page. 
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    Igor got a reaction from forever_ noob in Hostapd won't start in HT40 mode using 8812bu and noscan=1, starts ok if there is no AP's around   
    In case if it doesn't work, check here: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/packages/extras-buildpkgs/hostapd/debian and build from sources. But its possible that noscan need some code adjustment due to upstream changes: https://w1.fi/cgit/hostap/
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    Igor got a reaction from gounthar in Armbian 20.08.3   
    Process of rebuilding all images for all boards takes at least 3-4 days to finish. If all went well. Sometimes this process breaks and its usually best to start with a new version ... another 3-4days.  It also creates a lot of traffic, heat, noise (currently fastest build server is stationed in office environment) and other related non-ecological impacts to the planet  

    We only rebuild ALL images:
    - when there is no other way / urgent
    - major releases (few times per year)
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    Igor reacted to Werner in Reduce subforums in common issues   
    Aight, assuming this is fine I'll do the merge probably on Friday or Saturday.
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    Igor got a reaction from lanefu in Switching SUNXI-DEV to 5.9.y (h3-h5-h6/megous)   
    Its already fixed  And its also because supporting @lanefu Pinebook PRO support efforts. Nice to have this features there.
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    Igor reacted to Werner in Re-introduce Governance info page in documentation?   
    Readded without extra categorie. I don't think it's necessary.
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    Igor reacted to Neo2018 in Bug - cron openmediavault not working after updates to armbian   
    I made an update 2 minutes ago, it seems to have been fixed.
    with the last update it was fixed!
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    Igor got a reaction from NicoD in Zswap or Zram?   
    This problem should be fixed by now. At least at build stage.
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    Igor reacted to NicoD in OPi 4 switching to LXDE   
    XFCE is a lot more customizeable than LXDE. I think you need to do a bit more investigation.
    If you want LXDE, you can easily install it yourself. "sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop"
    I hate LXDE. Ain't nothing good about it except for a little less memory usage. Only for a 500MB device it's useful. But who runs a desktop on a 500MB device?

    The xfce4-goodies are too good vs those of lxde.
    You can make an xfce4 desktop look the way you like, MacOS, Windows or just your own flavor. No other DE is that good for that reason.
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    Igor reacted to Werner in Forum adjustments   
    We added acronyms to the forums. Commonly used abbreviation like SoC are now marked and their meaning can be highlighted by simply moving the cursor over it.
    If you do have ideas for missing acronyms feel free to comment here:
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    Igor reacted to lanefu in Pinebook Pro   
    Okay here's my best image so far https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_20.11.0-trunk-fridaytest_Pinebook-pro_bullseye_current_5.8.10_desktop.img.xz
    * brightness keys
    * battery status
    * touchpad tweaks
    * bluetooth,wifi
    * noise in dmesg from i2s
    * no splash screen
    * sound needs manual ALSA mixer tweaks to enable
    I think the schedutil cpu governor works best. but that's just my unscientific opinion 
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    Igor got a reaction from Werner in Odroid C4   
    We have too small resources (we can't pay, you don't see this as a cost) to deal more with this hw and its users so its more or less down to "community support only".
    Probably armbian-config bug, related to:
    Check if speeds are correct with:
    Modern kernel with full blown support that will satisfy all of your needs will exists when greater Linux community develops / port feature (very late, often never) or if you pay that features are ported / developed. We can only invest 30-50 of our private hours per day. For more: 
    https://github.com/armbian/build#support https://github.com/armbian/build#contribute https://www.armbian.com/donate/  
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    Igor got a reaction from Werner in Unify "missing data" reply action   
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    Igor got a reaction from fraz0815 in Fix for XRDP on 20.08 (Debian Buster)   
    Fixed in sources
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    Igor reacted to Marecki in Lime2: kernel hangs at boot time with linux-dtb-current-sunxi-20.08.2   
    I was going to say that I had - I did update the u-boot package - but then I realised that the version number I saw on the serial console was not the same as that in the package description. Long story short, I forgot to actually write the u-boot image to the system disc on ALL the machines I have just switched to current... Interesting that it's only been the lime2 which failed to boot under those circumstances. Anyway, one quick dd session later and everything looks in order again.
    Thanks for having pointed me in the right direction!
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    Igor got a reaction from Dante4 in Rock Pi 4C only USB-OTG is working   
    Probably best to make a dedicated pages since downloads are there, but hidden in the text ... which obviously not everyone reads 

    "Images below are for model B. For A (without wireless) can be downloaded here and for C (dual monitor) here."
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    Igor reacted to Werner in Remove/adjust moderator notes from registration terms   
    Since nobody else has an opinion here I assume my suggestion is fine. I'll leave it open for a while and merge the changes probably in about 48h.
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    Igor got a reaction from _r9 in EspressoBin mainline u-boot/atf   
    We think its pointless to waste our private money for Debian, OpenWRT, Manjaro or whatever. Its already highly questionable wasting it for Armbian but on a problem which we think its technically pointless, on the edge, possible bring just work and no benefit for a long time? Most of this project, 99.5% goes for common good and that is not good enough? Investing into common has limits. We already have a dev/null wish list where we probably should move this topic https://forum.armbian.com/forum/38-feature-requests/ for which common good projects we would need several millions to finish them, while your donations doesn't cover server electricity. Why your common good project deserves more attention?
    We have a working solution and we can't afford to invest into your common good low probable hunch. Once again - yes, it would be very nice to have a modern u-boot and clean code everywhere ... like half of the project from other users wish list.
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    Igor got a reaction from _r9 in espressobin all boards and all nics have the same mac address   
    It can be much worse. 

    Try early official builds and you will see how worse can it be. This hack is because at that time there was no other method to read MAC ... its a left-over workaround. Also we build u-boot from sources since the day one because official builds were behind and because we were trying to standardise boot process as much as possible ...

    Tnx, we'll fix this when possible.
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    Igor reacted to lanefu in Jira   
    yeah I like just stick the major version number for release in Jira, and just add a tag for the sub version number.
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    Igor reacted to Werner in Forum adjustments   
    It is no longer possible to add tags, either custom or pre-defined, to topics in all Bug Tracker forums and TV boxes. Existing tags are kept.
    Prefixes have been adjusted and fixed in those forums to fit actual needs and reduce uncontrolled growth.
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    Igor got a reaction from Tido in Remove/adjust moderator notes from registration terms   
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    Igor got a reaction from gounthar in Unable to enable Orange pi pc H3 uboot hdmi driver   
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    Igor got a reaction from gounthar in Best TVBOX for armbian used as micro services server   
    Which nobody recommended to you since its not better then TV box. Its closed corporate controlled hardware and doesn't have an option for reliable storage.