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  1. ftp-bin2fex

    RK3328 Kernel

    I do that too and it helped, I lost some of my old scripts and I remembered my thread, btw boot time for rk?
  2. ftp-bin2fex

    research Armbian in 3D

    Nico why don't you upload an hd download of it
  3. ftp-bin2fex

    Added WIP banner

    what kind of headers you talking
  4. ftp-bin2fex

    htop has strange "layout"

    hello pazzoide still shows enough to help, why don't you try to change your htop version.
  5. ftp-bin2fex

    Todays Scripting sesh

    Hello software side of armbian, today I am releasing the source code for a mini instagram clone that you can publish and finish the rest for your orange pi 2g,3g,4g iot as an app/ios source code in video description, and enjoy the video:
  6. ftp-bin2fex

    Todays Scripting sesh

  7. ftp-bin2fex

    Todays Scripting sesh

    Snap Chat clone update open source in desc, you can use it on your 2g,3g,4g iot orange pi phones as apk app and add to the source:
  8. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    I can't even host with 4g I once found a tool for the would be router ip of the 4g connection but it asks for a password, im trying to forward ports all the time I cant see G's network future I hear however fios lets you forward 4g ports but I never tried it, and nour just post your test.
  9. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    see my card speed says 100mbps im pretty sure this is its limit, and for older androids there built in wifi always says like 52mbps so results at this point are because of my hardware limitations. I need to upgrade some stuff. Yeah neo2 pi I read you can change the link speed to gigabits, for my windows machine I just need a new eth card.
  10. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    nice tido that's a great speed for a home network, anyways I finally have my gigabit speeds when the technician changed my router/modem he tested it on his ipad and got way better speeds than my wired Ethernet connection. The problem is you also need a computer with a good networking board to take advantage of the gigabit speed, that's probably why your gigabit network is in the 300's hundreds devman we need absolute best network card to get the speed.
  11. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    nice download igor wow that's your isp sfx2000 or vps speed?
  12. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    This is my new symmetric gigabit speed test pinged to isp, but its 100mbps on other speed testers until tomorrow when technician fixes it. $90-100/month
  13. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    wow that 69 reminds me of debian wallpaper that looks like a 69
  14. ftp-bin2fex

    Post your Speed Tests

    speed test: https://www.bing.com/search?FORM=INCOH2&pc=EUPP_IC05&PTAG=ICO-88905a57&q=speed+test This network is for my business servers so I will be needing this speed, I think I will have 1gbps up/down by this week, post your speed tests even if its funny, my first home upload speed was 0.25mbps on a good day just acouple years ago
  15. ftp-bin2fex

    Lichee Pi zero

    Id only get that if it was a 7" or 2.4" < but not for that price.