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  1. that is the cortex-a really is that like a specific cpu or all cortex's? the teensy is using the cortex-m4, but lets call it the noob tube because sounds like m4-carbine aim high with the cortex-m4 carbine found in teensy 3.6
  2. Bluetooth sounds good, but really why cant we use armbian instantly as a microcontroller or the process seems much less spoken about than doing it on a teensy 3.2/3.6, for example I can have instant access to Bluetooth hc-05 wired to teensy 3.2 on power on but armbian takes boot time to access that.
  3. A good way to prevent downtime for some circumstances is to use NAS as the storage for multiple servers. For my set up its good because one server can go down and users can just join the other server with the same data, only bad when you need to do maintenance on the hard drive. If one delicate android server freezes up from multiple users using to much cpu function it still shows the server as online until I fix it, but users will see selecting another server works fine. xP
  4. let me know the boot times for lichee pi desktop img.
  5. different speed testers show different results, I'm using fiber.
  6. New results after switching network cards, I think I can still get a better network card and see the 1gbps: https://www.speedtest.net/result/8312143962
  7. that's good, I setup up custom watercooling for poweredge 1950 harpertown cpu and I had setup an app to check lm-sensors from android, would always be 49 degrees, so the server never made noise again but sometimes it would get pretty hot and shutdown, even blew off the water on the mobo and the end. Specific core temperatures would be even better for htop.
  8. apt-get install lm-sensors shows core temperatures, but the new htop shows temperatures now?
  9. still posting those 3d good job nicoD mind if I share some progress of my 3d engine as well?, easy port to armbian browser btw: Basically it is going to be a head band with a gyroscope to move around on the game.
  10. I do that too and it helped, I lost some of my old scripts and I remembered my thread, btw boot time for rk?
  11. Nico why don't you upload an hd download of it
  12. what kind of headers you talking
  13. hello pazzoide still shows enough to help, why don't you try to change your htop version.