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  1. Dmesg , if all is well, will give a message, ie (dmesg |grep firmw) usb 1-1.4.3: rtl8xxxu: Loading firmware rtlwifi/rtl8192cufw_TMSC.bin for a usb dongle
  2. Well, it varies, alas. The firmware files can be bin or fw or other. Usually from /lib/firmware or a folder there BUT can be in /usr/somewhere, this is not common I don't know how the ko knows where to find the firmware Firmware are for the wifi chip, are version and OS independent It is 1 of them, there are 9 or 10 in total plus uboot and miniLoader and ? Maybe I'm telling you something you already know, / in Android is only in mem, loaded from the boot part, a gz cpio. Most of the folders in / (android ) are links to the appropriate partition
  3. As I said, usually an android dtb won't work for linux, but it is a guide on how to change an almost working dtb For wifi,, 3 things have to be "right". A reference in the dtb, a module, and the firmware You will really have to get dtc (device tree compiler) and learn how to use it, it is not that hard.. Harder is making the "right" device tree IMO,, you really should have a "perfect" boot with sdcard (everything works, no glitches) before thinking about overwriting emmc ----more-- For wifi the reference in the dtb is not at all important, only if you
  4. No, mmcblk0 is almost certainly your sdcard, just from the partitions on it It's really common for android to have boot0, boot1, rpmb on the emmc, that is likely where it is (blk2) If you have checked your evb.dtb by turning it into a dts, check dwmmc@ff500000, and @ff520000 for bus-width = < 0x04 >; or 0x08 and the aliases { ,, then you will know for sure You do know this will wipe out your android? Before you do that, it would be good to extract the android dtb because it is sometimes hard to get the right image for your hardware, there are so many s
  5. There are dozens of different tv boxes, easy to get wrong image, usually does not "work out" in output/Image (specifically my box, h96max+-ssv, from the vendor, ssv is wifi) ls -l *.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 1048576 Nov 11 12:35 baseparameter.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 1708536 Nov 11 12:35 boot.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 19036180 Nov 11 12:35 kernel.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 49152 Nov 11 12:35 misc.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 168060 Nov 11 12:36 oem.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 8971308 Nov 11 12:35 recovery.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 5592576 Nov 11 12:35 resource.img -rw-rw-r-- 1 d d 154
  6. Ah, android.. No, if you run fdisk -l on your mmcblk2 file you will see 3 4mB partitions,, where is the rest?? 15 or 30 gB missing, right? The rest is in a mtd filesystem,, under the stanza "chosen" you may see something like this bootargs ......... mtdparts=rk29xxnand:0x00002000@0x00002000(uboot),0x00002000@0x00004000(trust),\ 0x00002000@0x00006000(misc),0x00000800@0x00008000(baseparameter),0x00008000@0x00008800(resource),\ 0x00010000@0x00010800(kernel)...and so on (#'s are blocks/sectors,,,, length@offset (+12M)) You want the first 70k of resource, starts
  7. Err, I have a mt7601u,, 148f:7601,, I don't think it is so good,, in iwconfig I see Tx excessive retries:35031 Invalid misc:1837 Missed beacon:0 (this is with uptime 9d 13h)
  8. A bit late, but I have narrowed down the problem, for at least my TV box It is a problem with the regulators both linux and android have problems (at least their dtbs') linux uses rk805,, android pwm/simple with 805,, 00 1e 01 ,, sdio doesn't work, so no mmc (gpio, offset, function) sdmmc-regulator with pwm 02 04 01 and 02 05 01 half fails (there is power to cpu and not cooked),, no gpu and debugfs vdd-center, vdd-log That is why the liantong had mmc but no vid, uses pwm, same as any other android dtb I did luck into a blodge, works for armbian but
  9. And now, after trying about 20 dtb's, only the liantong (all 3) see mmc0 and mmc2 and the partitions (and despite running dtdiff until my eyes are crossed I don't see anything significantly different in dwmmc) Unfortunatly they all stop, about 4 seconds into the kernel load with rockchip-dmc dmc vop bandwidth to dmc rate (all 3 liantong) I don't think this is something tuneable in a dtb The post above, those are spurious error msgs,, but about 1/2 of all the others have (early,,8x) rockchip_mmc_get_phase invalid clock rate all those apparently dangling clo
  10. Bables,, after viewing about 20 dmesg logs, I see some things in common (re no mmc,, ls -l /dev/block) The 1 and only 1 showing any mmc was the legacy dev with roc-cc ,,Ubuntu_bionic_dev_4.4.161_desktop,, and I see rpmb, boot0 and boot1,, that's all I think lacking (in init) is rkpart for the rest of mmcblk0 (the emmc) Most dtb lack (in aliases) mmc0 = "/dwmmc@ff500000"; and so on This is an error in all? most anyway I don't know how severe this is (all? most) rockchip-dmc dmc: Cannot get the regulator "center" (missing stanza?) dwmmc
  11. I must say that I am most un-impressed with the dtb system I have been struggling with it for days, with almost NO success at first I thought I was a fuck-up none of my modified dtb's seemed to work, now,, after getting a serial connection (which is very little help, except for scroll back), I see that it is not me,, ** Unable to read file /dtb/rockchip/an-untouched-dtb ** and then the dtb',s every one different, pin#'s ,clocks, everything I even tried making a dtb -fs from a running android, (tarred /proc/device-tree) lots of errors in android dmesg, a
  12. Bables for your next update,, this is from android kernel config CONFIG_SSV6051=m CONFIG_SSV6051_P2P=y CONFIG_SSV6051_SDIO=y because my H96Max+ has a SV6051P chip thanks
  13. Sorry, looking at dmesg (android) firmware is in /vendor/etc Yesterday,, another non-booting dtb, grr
  14. nytoc,, by the way, most firmware is distro and version agnostic ,, byte-order certainly matters, but probably not arch Sometimes it is in non-default locations and doesn't load, sometimes the package manager forces unnecessary restrictions sometimes ethernet has firmware --more-- Since you have a rooted android?? ,, you already have the firmware,, /vendor/lib/firmware/some-directory-with-8723-in-it's-name
  15. >Did you check if any mmcblk0\1\2 appeared ? I don't understand what you mean here? This was under rooted android,, so if I wanted to I could have dd'd them somewhere Under your distro, I have never seen any mmc devices, bad dtb I think >You need to try the tools to extract the firmware file. Maybe then you can get the dtb. You mean fdtdump? Initially, did not work, had to strip leading 2k to magic d00dfeed So far, all the dts that I have looked at are a MESS, pointing to non-existant clocks, phandle confusions, missing lines etc. It's a miracle that
  16. >- microSD + USB: I can reach the Kodi interface but I don't have any network support Not even ethernet? If your android is rooted, then,, su; lsmod ,, you should be able to tell which is wifi module OR,, take it apart and look at chip markings, the antenna will go to wifi chip (for me sv6051p) I assume you have both ethernet and wifi in android?
  17. I was also going to write about too high iozone numbers, but not as high as Bernie_O I see up to 1.6M with larger blocks, evo, evo plus, evo+, 32 & 64GB Interesting, numbers are about equal for 2 year old evo+ and new evo plus The sandisk 64 GB A1 is also about equal,,, BUT, but the 32 GB is shit (sandisk ultra A1) 1/6 the speed? less? I greatly regret buying 2 of them I also tested with the iozone parameter -s 500M, numbers were about the same really should only see 500 -600K, so something is wrong this is with a U1 or maybe U3 reader attached t
  18. I had to do it twice, my regular email provider does not let you leave their site, I always have to open a new tab. So, my 1st registration attempt failed, had to use my gmail account instead. All in all, a bit of a pain
  19. Hi Balbes Like nytoc, during boot it could not find rootfs This is a H96Max+ ,, board labeled RK3328_8D4_V1.1 It has sv6501P wifi About 1/2 the dtb don't even start to boot, evb-android, both rock64, roc-cc, box-liantong The rest, evb, box, box-z28, box-trn9, rockbox, all have no mmc (ls /dev/block} They will all boot with rootfs on usb stick obviously uboot can read mmc, since uinitrd gets loaded (and kernel) Once or twice, booted only with usb, I'm not sure which, maybe box or rockbox The next update, please compile ssv6051 modul