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    Multi reacted to TheGuv in RK3399 Legacy Multimedia Framework   
    LOL. If you promise not to test it on that fine laptop your mother has, I'll send you one. PM me your Amazon wish-list with it on, or just send your address (whatever is better for you).
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    Multi got a reaction from NicoD in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    MrFixit made his Kernel available, im guessing it should help, kernell does 3d, 2d, nvme, wifi, bt etc...
    link here
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    Multi reacted to TonyMac32 in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Agreed.  Which opens up a kernel question, so buckle up.  ;-)
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    Multi got a reaction from JMCC in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Installed on rockpro64 and bash ran flawlessly, everything's seems to have installed and all desktop links created for applications, unfortunately seems that script was unable to override something, all apps run as if nothing had been done no streaming, mpv works same as before and Kodi does close x but breaks system when trying to run kodi, I'll try to upload log scripts 2morrow, hope whatever is missing shows up there.