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    Tarzanus got a reaction from manuti in The list of models that are running Armbian (Amlogic, Rockchip, Allwinner etc)   
    A95X Z2
    4GB/64GB, RK3318

    Doesn't work: Wifi, Bluetooth
    Does work: everything else
    It is stable and relatively fast, considering low price. It is based on RK3318 chip so it's not really desktop replacement material. Video playback in chromium works very slow and VLC has issues playing higher resolution videos. Desktop environment seems to be GPU accelerated and browsing seems quite smooth. Kodi - LibreElec, plays videos smoothly, even in a bit higher resolution (fullHD). I haven't tried 4k, but I very much doubt it can. 
    If I install Kodi in Armbian it can't play even  video resolutions such as 720p.
    Armbian_19.11.5_Aml-g12_bionic_dev_5.5.0-rc5-next-20200110_desktop is newer, but USB3 stopped working.
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    Tarzanus got a reaction from TRS-80 in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    Use image from @balbes150 from this topic

    RC2 of 5.5 mainline kernel works best (haven't tried rc6 yet, but with rc5, USB3 stopped working.
    When you burn the image to your SD-card patch it up following this procedure:
    System works pretty well, except for Wi-fi and bluetooth. The system is not fully optimized and it has issues playing video clips, especially at higher resolution. I hope GPU support will also get polished if that's the issue.
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    Tarzanus reacted to caruso in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    @hexdump Thanks for sharing, I was playing with different dtbs and sometimes I had kernel panic.
    Did you managed to have working ir remote?
    I was also playing with LibreElec with manual:
    and I successfully run with rk3318, by analogy (dding trust.img, removing >1.1 GHz frequencies from cpu section of dts and recompile dtb)
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    Tarzanus reacted to hexdump in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    @Tarzanus - you might give this approach a try:
    best wishes - hexdump
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    Tarzanus reacted to hexdump in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    you need to dd the trust.img as well - just read the thread from the post i linked to onwards for the file and more info ...
    good luck - hexdump