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    Tarzanus got a reaction from TRS-80 in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    Use image from @balbes150 from this topic

    RC2 of 5.5 mainline kernel works best (haven't tried rc6 yet, but with rc5, USB3 stopped working.
    When you burn the image to your SD-card patch it up following this procedure:
    System works pretty well, except for Wi-fi and bluetooth. The system is not fully optimized and it has issues playing video clips, especially at higher resolution. I hope GPU support will also get polished if that's the issue.
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    Tarzanus reacted to caruso in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    @hexdump Thanks for sharing, I was playing with different dtbs and sometimes I had kernel panic.
    Did you managed to have working ir remote?
    I was also playing with LibreElec with manual:
    and I successfully run with rk3318, by analogy (dding trust.img, removing >1.1 GHz frequencies from cpu section of dts and recompile dtb)
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    Tarzanus reacted to hexdump in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    @Tarzanus - you might give this approach a try:
    best wishes - hexdump
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    Tarzanus reacted to hexdump in TV Box A95X Z2 - RK3318   
    you need to dd the trust.img as well - just read the thread from the post i linked to onwards for the file and more info ...
    good luck - hexdump